EMC Networked Controls Lighting Project Receives Sapphire Award from LEDs Magazine and Lighting Controls Association

Kristi Everson

EMC was presented the Sapphire Award for “Design Excellence in Networked Lighting Controls for LLLC” by LEDs Magazine at the Strategies in Light Conference on August 24, 2021, for an innovative SIG Bluetooth® mesh technology project that united LED lighting environments within an unprecedented half million square feet of commercial real estate space.

This was the first project to be recognized in this new award category, which was created in partnership with representatives of the Lighting Controls Association (LCA) and celebrates innovation, vision and leaders driving the industry forward. This was also the seventh year that LEDs Magazine recognized the contributions of the LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) supply chain in producing high-performance, quality engineered components and systems into the commercial distribution stream.

 “This innovative lighting controls application showcases the unprecedented levels of control, insight and savings now possible for businesses to have over their facilities,” said EMC CEO and Chairman Jerry Johnson. “EMC and our collaborators are honored to receive this level of recognition from our industry peers.”

To achieve the client’s desired level of simplicity and convenience, the EMC project team designed a flexible, zone-based network of nearly 4,000 Bluetooth Mesh nodes throughout 17 floors of the building. This included software and firmware provided by Silvair and lighting sensor and controller hardware provided by McWong International. The team designed spaces and assigned behaviors to devices using McWong’s TruBlu web portal and then commissioned and designated them to zones using its mobile app.

“The customer was able to immediately optimize light levels to extend LED lifetime and maximize efficiency,” said Aakash Chandarana, EMC general manager of IoT Solutions. “Through the automated system, they can make future adjustments that instantly enhance the performance of their building—right from the app.”


About EMC

EMC provides leading-edge LED Lighting + Technology conversion systems and service solutions to a broad range of multinational retail, commercial, industrial and specialized customers. Since 2003, the company has used its total project management approach, EnergyMAXX®, to successfully implement thousands of lighting upgrade projects, saving clients across industries billions of kilowatt-hours of energy. EMC has since expanded beyond lighting into smart buildings and IoT devices, system integration, custom product development, energy analytics and disinfection technologies.