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The buildings of tomorrow are here. Transform your existing building environments to maximize opportunities for meaningful engagement and seamless performance. With the right systems in place, these environments can capture our imagination, generating data that drive automation and make your business more efficient and productive.  

Smart Building Controls 

Today’s commercial buildings are smarter than they’ve ever been—and we’ve just scratched the surface. Building management systems, including networked lighting controls, have the potential to uncover savings in ways we’ve never seen before. Over the next five years, we believe building owners and sustainability managers will embrace the power of these systems to meet increasingly dynamic energy goals. 

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Exceptional Energy Savings

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Optimized Comfort

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Health, Wellness + Safety

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Building Systems Integration



Solutions To Meet Your Goals

Turnkey Energy Management System (EMS)

Whether we provide a new best-in-class solution or work with your current building systems, we design, install and commission your building’s ecosystem in new, futuristic ways with a turnkey EMS.


Turnkey Building Management System (BMS) 

Beyond the design, engieering, install and commissioning of a best-in-class solution, we also offer custom dashboard and API development as well as monitoring of your BMS. 


Scale Across Your Portfolio

When seasons change, you also change how your building functions. From heating and cooling to the various lighting schedules, it takes time to monitor, track, report, evaluate and modify each location—valuable time you could be spending on other facility needs.  

EMC works with you to design an efficient and productive control system for your entire portfolio. Get the important building data you need in a simplified dashboard all in one location. Scalability is no longer a roadblock and meeting your sustainability goals has never been easier.


EMC's Total Approach

EMC’s turnkey approach finds the best solution for you, even if it’s simply understanding your facilities’ baseline energy use. Paired with our in-house Tridium Niagara-certified engineers, we partner with you for a full, end-to-end solution that helps you identify and meet your goals.  

  • Understand your building’s energy usage through a consultation 

  • Work in partnership to design a system and solution that helps meet your goals 

  • Receive customized, scalable solutions that are engineered in-house 

  • Maximize available funds for your project with our dedicated incentives team  

  • Rely on nationwide experts for installation and commissioning 

  • Maintain systems with customizable, long-term service plans  



Learn More About Smart Building Controls

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