Legacy LED Lighting Upgrades

LED lighting installed five or more years ago, whether as a retrofit or new construction, offers significant opportunities to maximize performance and savings. Upgrading legacy LED lighting—or reLED—addresses several issues you may be facing including light levels, dimming and controls compatibility, maintenance or all the above.

Why consider reLED?

  • Meet sustainability / carbon neutrality goals
  • Address significant failures and expiring warranties for your current lighting
  • Set the stage for next-level controls and IoT technologies 
  • Leverage new financing opportunities 
  • Advanced energy savings 

Work With a Trusted Partner

If you’ve worked with EMC before, you are already well on your way to having a solid reLED plan. Knowing what was installed and when we installed it means we can quickly prepare a comprehensive plan for the next phase of your lighting and technology needs.

If this is your first time working with EMC, we bring the skill and expertise needed to assess your LED program and help define a strategy that meets your specific needs and objectives.