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Disinfection UV Lighting 

Create Safe, Healthy, Productive Environments

With disinfection lighting EMC applies the same expertise that saves customers billions of kilowatt hours of energy to create environments where people know their health and wellbeing are priorities.

Unlike chemical sprays administered by employees or cleaning crews, disinfection UV lighting technologies offer an effective, convenient and consistent approach to preventing the spread of pathogens like COVID-19. A proven germicidal technology used for decades in upper air chambers and conveyer belt disinfection solutions, UV light disinfects pathogens like viruses and bacteria depending on the time and intensity of exposure.

EMC can help you develop a disinfection UV lighting solution that meets the goals and objectives for your business environments. Our team of experts offer:

  • Audit/consultation services to help you identify priorities
  • Design services with vendor-neutral approach to UV lighting technologies
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Ongoing service support


UV Lighting Applications



  • Consistently disinfect carts, conveyor belts and merchandise
  • Reduce costly use of cleaning sprays and paper towels
  • Commit to providing shoppers with safe, healthy store environments


Health Care

  • Enhance HVAC air purification processes
  • Effectively disinfect equipment and other surfaces
  • Provide a safe health care environment for patients and staff




  • Improve quality of indoor work environments
  • Efficiently disinfect equipment, work surfaces and materials
  • Provide workers with a safe, healthy work environment




  • Continuously disinfect air and surface areas of classrooms, restrooms and public areas
  • Neutralize COVID-19 and other pathogens, molds and spores
  • Create safe, healthy learning environments for students and faculty