EMC Announces Acquisition of L70 Technologies to Enhance Product Development Capabilities

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Energy services provider, EMC, a proven expert at complex multisite LED lighting and controls installations, took bold steps to enhance its UV-C disinfection product line as well as grow lights and human-centric lighting solutions with the acquisition of Minnesota-based L70 Technologies

L70 is a leading innovative product development engineering firm focused on IoT and UV-C disinfectant solutions, including the HUB, a smarter and more cost-effective solution to transform a standard light pole into a smart pole, enabling a faster adoption of smart, efficient cities and businesses.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, L70 quickly pivoted to develop Ultraviolet Light (UV) disinfecting products, providing engineering expertise for the EMC tergoUV™-Cabinet, which uses UV-C light to disinfect up to 99.9 percent of germs and viruses found on hard and soft goods.

EMC and L70's combined expertise around product engineering and UV-C lighting technology will support the rapid launch of new UV-C disinfecting products focused on expanded applications like kiosks, payment terminals, air disinfection and more.

"The strong relationship EMC forged with leading retail, commercial and industrial clients over the years as a solutions provider led to conversations about the need for UV-C disinfection products that just didn't exist," said EMC CEO and Chairman Jerry Johnson. "This acquisition positions us to better serve our clients' emerging technology needs."

With the acquisition complete, EMC has formed a Specialty Lighting business unit headed by Kent Shields, former president of L70 Technologies as general manager. Shields' team will focus on UV-C disinfection products, grow lights and human-centric lighting. 

"The value proposition for built environments is changing—evolving from saving energy and delivering bottom line savings to also creating safe and healthy living environments as well as optimizing indoor agriculture," said Shields. "EMC is advancing to address these emerging customer needs."

Terms of the acquisition completed on December 31, 2020, were not disclosed. 


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