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EMC offers webinars geared towards research and market-moving trends in the energy industry. This on-demand webinar library allows you to gain insights on your own schedule.


Safety First! Disinfectant UV Lighting Solutions for Healthy Environments

There’s no denying the major impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on most every aspect of our lives. To mitigate the rapid spread of the virus, businesses are turning to the use of ultra violet lighting to clean surfaces for safer environments.
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Transformative LED Lighting Solutions: The Latest Alternatives + Buying Options

Lighting has evolved into a dynamic and transformative technology with possibilities beyond legacy structures. Progress and innovation can be achieved when you take control of your lighting to plan for future needs and technologies.
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Networked Lighting Controls: Your Path to Future-resistant Buildings

The rise of LED lighting has set the stage for integrated building controls, which, in addition to energy reduction and cost savings, provide the opportunity for unprecedented data and human-centric benefits. That’s great for new construction, but where do you begin for your existing buildings?
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Networked Lighting Controls: Your Start to Smart Buildings

As we move toward smart buildings and a smarter world, more technologies have become available to manage our built environments. But which ones do we choose? With abundance comes ambiguity. This webinar will explore four options for moving forward with an advanced controls solution. EMC lighting experts will discuss what this functionality looks like for each approach.
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The LED Tipping Point Effect – Put vendor neutrality to work for your next LED lighting and controls project

Vendor neutrality, the practice of using products from multiple manufacturers in a single solution or application, has increased in importance for the lighting industry. Driving this change is the industry’s rapid transition from metal halide and fluorescent lighting technologies to the vast world of light-emitting diode (LED). Attend this webinar and learn how using lighting and control products from multiple manufacturers can maximize lighting solution performance, increase energy savings and lower project payback timelines, as well as enhance flexibility for your next lighting project.
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