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Matt Mazzola
February 25, 2020
That LED lighting project is in your budget and you are ready to get going.
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Kristi Everson
August 20, 2019
The metaphor “picking the low hanging fruit” has long been used to encourage businesses to include LED lighting retrofits in their sustainability and energy savings efforts.
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Russ Lane
May 14, 2019
At EMC we talk about being a “turnkey provider” and taking a “total management approach.” When implementing lighting and controls projects we strive to make our customers feel like we are an extension of their team.
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Kristine Karjalahti
April 11, 2019
As most of you know, one of EMC’s core values is Continuously Improve and Drive Change. In the spirit of living this value, I want to introduce two new improvements we have made that will directly affect our partnership with you.
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Brian Baker
April 10, 2019
EMC is growing rapidly. As part of our efforts to establish better oversight for our burgeoning projects list, we switched to a new, centralized labor process in September of 2018. Prior to taking this approach, it was our project managers who individually reached out to you about labor needs for their specific project, limiting visibility and cross program opportunities.
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