EMC Shines as a National Grid ProNet Partner

May 30, 2024

Lessen the Impact of Rising Utility Costs with the Right Partner 
Maybe you're reviewing your quarterly expenses, noticing the rising costs of energy that are cutting into your profits. Or perhaps you're developing a sustainability strategy, aiming to cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint meaningfully. At this juncture, the expertise of a nationally recognized partner becomes invaluable. Choosing the right partner can turn the daunting task of modernizing your buildings and optimizing energy use into an achievable, even inspiring, endeavor.  

This is the kind of expertise and commitment EMC has been recognized for, most recently being named a top ProNet partner for the second time by National Grid. This award shines a light on the dedication to pushing the envelope in energy efficiency and sustainability efforts. This recognition didn't come from a single project or initiative but from consistent, high-quality work that translates to energy savings for our customers.

Double Recognition from National Grid  
Climbing from our previous ninth position to an impressive fifth this year, EMC has again proven its merit amidst stiff competition for recognition as a top ProNet partner. This leap forward isn't just a number—it reflects our team's hard work, dedication, and adherence to EMC's core values. Our ascent in the ranks underscores our unwavering commitment to our customers and the environment, aligning with our mission to innovate and lead by example in the energy sector. 

This year, EMC achieved success on two fronts. EMC ranked as a top ProNet partner and snagged first place in the Pipeline Builder Award Program. The program had set ambitious energy savings goals over four months, and EMC shattered these targets by exceeding them threefold. This is more than a win for EMC. It’s a win for our customers, our communities and the environment. 

Being a National Grid top ProNet partner is a badge of honor we wear proudly, reminding us of our responsibility to our customers, our community, and the planet. As we celebrate this achievement, we're reminded of the collaborative spirit that characterizes our relationship with National Grid. Together, we're not just working towards individual goals but are united in a common purpose: to make the world a more energy-efficient and sustainable place. 

The Benefits of Choosing a Recognized Partner 
When you decide to work with a nationally recognized energy efficiency partner, you unlock several advantages: 

  • Access to Expertise: Immediate access to proven energy efficiency experts. A dedicated incentives team works to maximize incentives and drive down your project costs. 
  • Speed of Execution: Efficiency in project management from inception to completion across your portfolio. You'll save money from the cost of waiting and scale the benefits of enhanced energy efficiency with faster paybacks. 
  • Compliant Sustainability: Meeting and exceeding sustainability goals for a compliant and modern business. You'll raise the standards of your buildings to meet ESG goals so you can get ahead of evolving regulations and secure stakeholder approval. 

Looking to drive down your project costs? Talk with a member of our Incentives team to get started.