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Aakash Chandarana
May 14, 2020
The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays have the power to kill harmful pathogens, including viruses and bacteria, while also creating beneficial Vitamin D within the human body.
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Jolene Fenn
March 24, 2020
Changing building codes and increasingly affordable LEDs and the rise of controls have shifted many utility incentives away from traditional LED lighting incentives.
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Ben Wright
February 27, 2020
The rise of LED lighting has set the stage for incorporating lighting control solutions that can complement and even foster broader building controls. 
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Matt Mazzola
February 25, 2020
That LED lighting project is in your budget and you are ready to get going.
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Jolene Fenn
February 18, 2020
Last December Congress brought back the 179D Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction, which had expired in 2017, setting a new deadline of December 31, 2020.
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