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Tony Johnson
December 16, 2016
With the holidays rapidly approaching, lighting takes on a festive prominence as we look for ways to illuminate our celebrations.
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Alison Zimpfer
November 1, 2016
Your aging lighting infrastructure is eating at your pocketbook. Rising energy costs and increasingly frequent service calls mean you need to act soon, but what exactly are you going to do?
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Robert Ridley
September 14, 2016
Having performed thousands of lighting retrofits, we’re familiar with that strong desire to “set it and forget it” when it comes to LED lighting retrofits. However, it's not that simple...
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Tony Johnson
June 6, 2016
You’ve grown tired of looking out across your uneven and dimly lit facility and are ready to make a change. You have great expectations for the lighting retrofit you’re planning.
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Tony Johnson
February 10, 2016
Guest blogger and senior lighting designer Keith DeFreese shares how EMC applied its LED lighting expertise to the 2016 St. Paul Winter Carnival Palace of the Four Winds.
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