2016 Predictions

Katie Quam

January 5, 2016

EMC photo of three wooden dice rolling

As 2016 is now upon us, we can expect to see changes happening throughout the incentive industry. This can be anything from additional rebate opportunities, changing funding levels and new programs. Here are my predictions for what we might see in 2016.

Funding levels. In 2015 it seemed like programs started running out of funds earlier in the year or before their program year ended. I expect this may be a trend we see in 2016 as well, so it’s best to get your projects done within the first half of the calendar or program year to minimize this risk.

New technologies added. LED tubes and strip kits are starting to become more popular throughout the industry. We saw some of these added last year, but I suspect more programs will incentivize tubes and strip kits. Xcel Energy just added several new LED options to their 2016 program!

Old technologies eliminated. Will 2016 finally be the year that T12 rebates become extinct? Many utilities have said that there will no longer be T12 rebates available, however, a lot of utilities have extended this time frame. I believe this year we may actually see more and more utilities dropping these rebates.

Program structure. LED technology may be seen more under “prescriptive” programs. Typically newer technology isn’t always offered as a prescriptive rebate, rather, you need to apply for a custom rebate. However, as this technology evolves I see more programs adding a variety of LED measures to prescriptive programs. Typically prescriptive programs are easier to obtain and sometimes, require less or no pre-approval time.

So how right will I be? We'll have to see! Happy New Year!