Introduction to the EMC Technology Blog

November 22, 2011

EMC Tech Talk - Inaugural Post

As EMC launches our new website, I am launching a new blog for our technology group. My name is Tony Johnson; I graduated from The University of Kansas with an Architectural Engineering degree in 2001 and have been doing lighting stuff, in one form or another (Electrical Engineering, Lighting Design, and Light Fixture Design), ever since.

I started with EMC at the beginning of 2011 and along with my fellow "Technology Team Members," we’ve worked to keep EMC ahead of the curve with lighting technology - creating lighting layouts for customers, aggressively seeking energy savings, and presenting technology concepts and updates to customers, amongst other things.

Part of what makes EMC and the EnergyMAXX turnkey model successful is our vendor neutrality. It is especially important for me and the rest of the tech group to be able to offer EMC’s clients the best solution, no matter the manufacturer or technology type. Our vendor neutral position allows us to recommend a broad range of technical solutions, maximize the energy savings potential and maintain aggressive pricing for our customers.

In our quest to stay ahead of the curve, we attend a lot of seminars and conferences, have many vendors visit the EMC offices, review many publications, and scour the internet for the latest and greatest technologies that will support the needs of our customers.

The purpose of this blog is to let everyone know when we see interesting information or technologies, how they may impact your decisions, and how you might see them as a part of our EnergyMAXX turnkey model. Frequency of updates will depend a lot on what we are seeing and what events we are attending, but we’re shooting for an update, on average, once a week.

Additionally we are writing “white paper-esque” documents on an array of subjects that can be found within the Products section of the site. Lighting, especially now, is an ever-changing field, so if you have something to add, find something here that you think requires a "second opinion," or just feel like heaping praise upon us - reach out to us through the Contact Us form.

So, welcome to our new website and welcome to my new playground, EMC Tech Talk.


Tony Johnson is Energy Management Collaborative's Technology Manager. In this role he combines his background in lighting & controls design and solid state light fixture design with his expertise in energy savings to evaluate emerging technologies for EMC customers.