Making the switch from traditional lighting to energy saving LEDs is often the first step your business takes to save money, meet sustainability goals and enhance building aesthetics. Your unique goals and objectives are what shape the technology approach you take.

LED Integrated Fixtures

Press the reset button for your facility with LED integrated fixtures. Take a one-for-one approach to replacement or use this as an opportunity to optimize an aging layout and refresh your building environments.

LED Retrofit Kits

Save on materials and labor with an LED retrofit kit. This solution adds new LED lighting technology to existing fixtures and delivers optimal lighting levels. Usually a great option for troffers and strip fixtures, not all existing fixtures can be kitted. A facility lighting audit can identify eligible fixtures in your facilities.

LED Relamp

Replace traditional lamps with energy saving LED lamps. This inexpensive option significantly reduces energy consumption and delivers bottom line and maintenance savings. There are three different styles of LED lamp replacements: Type A, Type B and Type C. The style you choose can impact your savings from rebates and incentives. EMC’s Incentives Team can help identify savings opportunities available in your facilities’ locations.