Instant Discount Programs

June 2, 2015
EMC photo of an LED screw-in lamp

Screw-in LED lamps have been, and continue to be, a popular upgrade for many retailers. This common measure was seen in many utility prescriptive rebate programs. However, there is change now that many utilities are no longer incenting this as a prescriptive rebate measure, moving instead to an instant discount type program.

The difference between the programs isn't necessarily a monetary change. Instead, it focuses on the time in which you receive your incentive. The new instant discount programs offer direct discounts to customers at the point of purchase. Therefore, your discount will come at the front end versus waiting for your rebate check upon project completion.

There are currently several utilities that offer instant discount programs including Xcel Energy (MN, CO), ComEd (IL), PG&E (CA), BG&E (MD), just to name a few. Southern California Edison recently announced that they too will be shifting to this type of program beginning in July.

The discount rates vary and typically include a variety of lamp types including integral replacement lamps (BR/R/PAR), A lamps and decorative lamps.

EMC has taken the necessary steps to be sure our customers can take advantage of any instant discount programs that are available.

Katie Quam is Energy Management Collaborative's Manager of Customer Incentives. In this role she utilizes her knowledge of incentive programs nationwide to expedite the application process and secure maximum incentive dollars for EMC customers.