Maximize Your Service Model

Keep your focus on your business while EMC delivers the service model you need.

We take a lifecycle approach to design service plans that fit the unique, evolving needs of your operation, maximizing the efficiency, effectiveness and life of your lighting infrastructure.


ServiceMAXX Advantages:

  • Customized, data-driven program offerings
  • Comprehensive, 24/7 service support
  • Complete and detailed communications

  • Optimized route schedules

  • Detailed and timely invoicing
  • A familiar, experienced partner for lighting upgrades and retrofits
  • Warranty management

Most Importantly:

  • Quick, quality repairs from qualified lighting and electrical experts
  • Emergency response coverage
  • Cost effective service support for each phase of your lighting infrastructure’s lifecycle
  • Consistent coverage for locations throughout the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada
  • Full value realized from installed solutions

  • A single resource for all of your lighting needs
  • Do you know what 100% FFE could mean to you?

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