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Since 2003, we have led the retail industry through the LED lighting evolution, completing thousands of projects for Fortune 500 retailers and continued lighting service and maintenance of their lighting systems all over the country. EMC’s lifecycle approach to service and maintenance plans fit the unique needs of retail operations, maximizing the efficiency, effectiveness and life of their lighting systems. With rapid and inevitable changes in technology that affect both the retail and lighting industries, now is a critical time to establish a long-term relationship with a nationwide service provider who will help you navigate lighting service and maintenance now and in the future.


Customizable Service Plans

At EMC we know that a “cookie-cutter” approach to service maintenance does not work for today’s retailers. We take a data-driven approach to service that ensures retailers realize and understand their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in order to quickly implement and deliver the desired results.


Warranty Management

With an ever evolving LED marketplace and the complexity of warranties, it’s critical that retailers have a trusted partner to manage and realize their warranties. EMC handles everything from identifying issues and scheduling labor to coordinating material procurement and managing service agreements so you can realize the full benefit of your products warranty.


Nationwide Coverage

National retailers need quick, affordable and consistent service no matter what store in their portfolio is being serviced. Without this critical coverage, retailers are left with inconsistent work, nonexistent processes and multiple points of contact to manage. Working with EMC takes away the hassle of lighting maintenance and ensures consistency across all locations.


TCO Recognition

Like all aspects of the retail industry, service requirements for lighting are not static. EMC service isn’t just about maintaining existing systems – it’s about maximizing the investment in your lighting systems and laying the foundation for future change.

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