Retail Lighting Solutions

Enhance your brand.
Attract customers.
Reduce your costs.

Is your lighting optimized? You owe it to your brand to find out. Whether you are a national big box retailer or a specialty store, EMC understands how lighting increases curb appeal and enriches customer experience—all while delivering energy and bottom line savings.

Big Box Retail: Whether it’s one store location or thousands of sites, EMC takes care of the details so you can focus on running your business. Our turnkey lighting conversions include the industry’s most reliable products. From highbay lights to LED bulbs, we simplify your lighting inventory and reduce your dependence on routine service calls by ensuring high quality, continuous lighting operation. Superior utility savings and incentive values take your retail lighting retrofit farther…and bring you closer to your sustainability goals.

Small Retail: EMC solutions maximize ISM and energy savings with lighting that consistently illuminates your brands and offerings, accenting your curb appeal and visual merchandising to attract and motivate your customers. Our fast, high quality installation process ensures no disruption of store operations. The end result: low cost, low maintenance ownership and faster paybacks.

EMC photo of Best Buy store new LED lighting after EMC retrofit EMC photo of Walgreens new LED lighting after EMC retrofit