Healthcare Lighting Solutions

Enhance patient experience.
Optimize care settings.
Achieve energy savings.

The lighting checklist for your healthcare facility is a long one. Busy patient rooms. Lab areas requiring extremely high levels of visual acuity. Reception areas, hallways and parking that convey clear direction, safety and a sense of calm. All require lighting solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient—something we achieve by deliberately focusing on the details throughout the installation process.

EMC lighting solutions address the unique needs of each space, while maximizing your energy savings potential. Whether it’s upgrading a medical building’s existing lighting systems, installing new parking lot lighting featuring LED bulb technology, or re-commissioning a hospital’s energy management system (EMS), EMC provides the best options for each scenario and maximizes utility rebate programs to further improve your lighting project’s payback.

Working with key stakeholders in each area, EMC identifies the installation requirements and lighting solutions that best meet their unique needs. During installation, our attention to detail, timely and accurate communication, and our expert project management approach ensure the most efficient and clean installation process possible and provide the flexibility needed to accommodate day-to-day operational needs during the project.

EMC photo of health care hallway with LED lighting EMC photo of Heath care lobby with LED canopy lighting