Convenience Store & Travel Center Lighting

Promote safety and security.
Enhance your brand’s image.
Be the customers’ clear choice.

Drivers look for and prefer gas stations or travel centers with safe, secure and inviting exteriors. Position your brand with attractive, well-lit canopies and parking lot lighting. Inside, enhance your ISM and visual merchandising efforts and promote sales with attractive wall pack, interior check-out counter, dry goods and display case lighting.

EMC uses the industry’s most reliable lighting products—including the latest in LED bulb technology—to enhance customer safety, drive loyalty and keep them coming back at any time—day or night.

Our flexible implementation approach addresses your convenience store/travel centers’ dynamic needs, ensuring they remain fully operational during the installation process. We achieve results faster so you realize financial benefits sooner…and travelers make your brand their choice when exiting the roadways.

EMC photo of Convenience store canopy and gas pumpes with LED exterior lighting EMC photo of interior convenience store and LED cooler lighting