Auto Dealer Lighting Solutions

Modernize your sales environments.
Enhance profits.
Ensure positive cash flow.

They’ve done their homework, now your prospective customers will choose a dealership to finalize their decisions. Give them the modern sales environment they expect while you enjoy significant energy savings and stay cash flow positive from day one.

EMC’s turnkey lighting conversions and services deliver the consistent and bright showroom and parking lot lighting your customers require. Our thorough energy audit and prioritization processes and vendor-neutral design approach help you refresh your dealership, quickly drive down costs and deliver a customer experience that drives sales.

EMC’s expertise maximizing utility rebate programs and financing options put the pedal to the metal—quickly taking you from T8 fluorescent lamps to more efficient T5s—or to an energy saving LED installation—ensuring a speedy return on your lighting investment.

EMC photo of auto dealer sales floor with cars lined up and LED lighting EMC photo of up close exterior LED pole light